Spain's far right political party, Vox, has said that the border between Spain and Gibraltar should be closed in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit. Meanwhile, the British government is considering tougher immigration controls which could hit the rights of European Union citizens wanting to settle in Britain.

If these two stories are true and actually come about it will be a nightmare scenario for the thousands of Britons living in Spain. Now, I sincerely doubt that Spain would seal the border with Gibraltar because thousands of Spaniards work on the “Rock” but it is a fear I have heard expressed by some Gibraltarians.

As regards immigration controls the British government should remember that thousands of British citizens live across the European Union and they can expect the same treatment from Brussels if London decides to introduce greater immigration curbs. These are all reasons why the government should be trying to achieve a deal with the European Union because a “no deal” should certainly be a last case scenario.

The implications of a “bad divorce” would be experienced by British expats in Spain and across the European Union. The Spanish government has been quick to point out that it is working long and hard to protect the rights of Britons in Spain but a “no deal” would just complicate matters even further.

I think everyone needs a reality check on Brexit especially as the implications are enormous for all.