Three hundred days of sunshine every year was how the local authorities promoted Majorca. Enough said, it says it all, if you want good weather come to Majorca. But things have changed. The heavy rains which fell across the island yesterday and even those last week meant the end of the summer season.

Now, of course I am sure that more sunshine is on the horizon but the warm settled weather is over, looking at the long range weather forecast. Imagine if you had paid out thousands of euros for a late summer break in the sun and you arrive here to be greeted by rain? Obviously the weather is still good on this beautiful island but the rains will have dented any hope of a great end to the summer season.

Much has been spoken about the tourist tax and the fact that the island is more expensive but if Majorca doesn´t get the sun, then we have a big problem. For those of us who live here the rains over the last week will have come as a welcome relief but for is not exactly the ideal holiday weather.

The next question is what do you do on Majorca when the sun is not shining? Well it is a difficult question. This island has been built around sunshine but when it is not shining then the island has a problem. Better weather in Britain and Germany has already hit the summer season (the Germans joke that they come on holiday to Majorca to cool down!) Now, rains at the end of the season. Not good. Majorca is wonderful but we need the sun.