September is the so-called rainy month in Majorca. There is even a name for it locally, the Cold Drop or Gota Fria. So every September it rains and parts of Majorca are damaged by flooding. So isn´t it time that the local authorities invested in a more robust and effective drainage system?

The torrents, which run through many areas, often overflow because they are not properly maintained. In some cases they are more like rubbish tips than actual flood defences or rain outflows. I will probably be proven wrong but it also seems that Majorca is lacking in flood defences.

The Palma Met. Office gave full warning that heavy rains were on the horizon this week and last week and of course there was flooding, but there was not a sandbag in sight. The roads were flooded, and in some cases the same roads, and as usual we had the usual September photographs of people trapped in their vehicles.

Perhaps, the Balearic government could divert some of the tourist tax cash to pay for better flood defences because they are certainly needed especially on the eastern seaboard. The damage caused by the flooding can be measured in many millions of euros. Over the coming days the Balearic government, as usual, will announce that a special fund has been set-up to help people who have suffered flood damage. Rather, than a special fund after the flooding this money could be invested in preparing the island for the rainy season.

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Mike Lammers / Hace over 2 years

Rain falling at an abnormal speed and volume is very difficult to tackle mr Jason not only in Mallorca. In Belgium we have the same . Apart of the rain issuesaAlso when it snows 2 cm planes do not land or take off,( when it's 30 degrees two days on a row, trains stop, parts of motorways melt etc etc. I do agree with you if you look at the way rivers and riverbeds in Mallorca are looked after (tress growing in them, huge amounts of weeds etc , instead of cleaning them in dry season .