The met. office is forecasting a warmer autumn than usual for the Balearics and the Association of British Travel Agents, Abta, is recommending the Balearics as one the best destinations to visit next month.

And, this year, October is a month full of events from world class tennis to international jazz and a global film festival - that is just Majorca! But apart from all of the organised attractions, with average maximum temperatures of around 23ºC, it is one of the best times of the year to explore the island. OK, it’s not going to be sunbathing weather, but the weather is going to perfect for sports tourism - the cyclists have already started arriving and soon the hikers and golfers will descend on the island now that it is a bit cooler and quieter.

As Abta points out, there is no longer the need to plan and book ahead with regards to eating out, for example.

Victoria Bacon ABTA Director of Brand and Business Development said: “Savvy holidaymakers have known for years that October is one of the best times of year to take an overseas holiday. All this plus lower prices, uncrowded beaches, restaurants and attractions, make October a very enjoyable and sensible choice for clued-up holidaymakers.”

So, for those establishments which are staying open longer, the gamble may just pay off while for residents, we can wind down and enjoy some post summer peace in paradise.