Etiqueta 'Autumn in Mallorca'
The hotel Citric is under construction in Puerto Soller


From Seville to Soller: A tale of two worlds

Local residents have been to the Town Hall to see the plans and were surprised and the size and scale of the new hotel rising from the ashes.

Shirley Roberts22/11/2023 17:03

Beaches open in the winter


How amazing is the weather in Mallorca!

I’ve said this on many occasions that Magalluf and Palmanova were thriving winter destinations when I arrived on the island in 1990.

Richie Prior13/10/2023 13:22


When do the clocks 'fall back' with the arrival of autumn?

The winter time change is often confused with the start of autumn, which this year takes place on September 23.

MDB Digital21/09/2023 12:53

The Esporles sweet fair will be held on October 1 this year.


Ten of Mallorca's best Autumn Fairs

Discover Mallorca's vibrant Autumn Fairs, a celebration of culture, tradition, and seasonal delights.

Ashlee Caliz19/09/2023 11:29

Warm and cosy on the sofa with hubby just about to watch “Lethal Weapon”.


The pleasures of Majorca

Find out what Amanda is doing to enjoy this autumn in Mallorca.

Amanda Jeffrey10/11/2021 12:26

Captain Victor Abril planting trees with the CEIP Urbanitzacions students.

Captain Victor Abril planting trees with the CEIP Urbanitzacions students.

Captain Victor Abril planting trees with the CEIP Urbanitzacions students.

Amanda Jeffrey 03/11/2021

Playa son Maties, Calvia.


Good Morning from Majorca

It's a stormy day in Majorca with high winds and showers in most places. To view the weather across the island in real time from our webcams, click here.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/10/2020 00:10


Food for Thought

The fruits and veg of autumn

Autumn has arrived safe and well at the island’s markets and shops — and the fruits and veggies we most associate with this time of year are very much on display.

Andrew Valente16/09/2020 15:51

The rains and storms in Majorca last week

Frank Talking

It's wet and windy outside - so tonight I'm staying in… again!

It seems that anything socially worthwhile has to commence well after good Christian men and women are in their own beds.

Frank Leavers09/12/2019 09:25

Citrus and Loquat blossom already in bloom


Gardening in Majorca

It really is growing season all year round so no matter what seeds you put in the ground you can be sure they will germinate, all of the ones we consider ‘spring vegetables’ in Northern gardens will thrive if planted now.

Dorothy Loeffler14/10/2019 10:04