Prime Minister Boris Johnson got his Brexit deal yesterday but the champagne is certainly on ice. The Johnson deal as with Theresa May´s deal needs to be approved by parliament and there appears to be little chance that it will be approved so therefore it will be back to square one.

Labour has said that they will not support the Boris deal, the Democratic Unionists have said likewise and so have the Scottish Nationalists and the Liberal Democrats. So it appears that the Boris deal is going nowhere but the person who could be going somewhere quite soon is Johnson himself. If he fails to get his deal approved then he has two options; ask the European Union for yet another extension (something he has said that he will never do) or just crash out without a deal which would effectively mean he would be breaking the law. The Prime Minister could be forced to resign.

Johnson is in the same position as Theresa May and as we know, he voted against her deal on three occasions. Now, former members of the Conservative Party, who were expelled by the Prime Minister, look like returning the favour. So the Brexit mess continues. The Prime Minister was good to his word and he did get a new deal, something which the European Union always said that they would never agree to. But it could have all been for nothing.

The uncertainty over Brexit will continue and I suspect that Britain will still be an EU member by the end of the year.