It is somewhat ironic that the first time that the anti-corruption office chooses to bare its teeth in growling at government ministers, a Podemos minister plus Podemos-appointed senior officials should be those principally exposed to Jaume Far’s gnashers.

Far, the highly-paid director of the anti-corruption office, owes his position and salary almost totally to Podemos. The office was their idea, a “big thing” for the government pact from 2015 of which they weren’t formally a part but which depended on their signing up to “agreements for change” for its policies. One such agreement was the Podemos insistence that there be the anti-corruption office.

An investigation has been launched into the payment of the 22,000 euros living allowance for ministers and senior officials who are from Balearic Islands other than Majorca or who are from the mainland. Far wants to find out if there are any “irregularities” with these payments. For example, it is possible that some of these people live in Majorca or with family on the island.

The particular irony is that Far probably wouldn’t have taken an interest had it not been for the number of senior officials from the mainland brought to Majorca by Podemos now that they are actually in the government. This has caused a stink, as has the defence of the allowance by one of the two Podemos ministers, Mae de la Concha from Minorca. There can’t be any complaints about the investigation, though. The office was, after all, a Podemos initiative.