The Palma city council is having a rethink on the San Sebastian festivities which were a wash out this year. There is also concern about the falling numbers attending all the concerts across the city on the eve of San Sebastian (January 19). I would suggest that the council delays the big concerts until the spring.

I am not saying that the festivities to mark the city’s patron saint on January 20 are abolished but they could be lower key and then the big concerts in April or May. This way the “big night” could be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. Local businesses would have higher takings and as a direct result the council would have a higher budget to spend on the concerts.

The San Sebastian concerts could become a major tourist attraction giving the island an added edge. One of the reasons that the San Sebastian and even the Saint Anthony festivities are in the spotlight is because revellers do not spend in local businesses. The reason is simple...most people bring their own drink to the concerts, generally because bar prices can be quite high.

Palma is busy trying to promote itself as an all year around holiday destination and the festivities for San Sebastian could form part of this plan. It was a big shame that the festivities this year were a washout because of all the hard work and dedication from the organisers but at least it has prompted a rethink which is not a bad idea. Palma is a tourist capital, and concerts are enjoyed by all.