When the planets are in perfect alignment, the delegate will be from a party that is in charge in Madrid and in Palma. The planets are not always aligned. They weren’t for a good period of the first term in office of the pact of the left in the Balearics.

Maria Salom of the Partido Popular was Mariano Rajoy’s representative on Balearics earth. She and Francina Armengol had attended the same political school - Inca town hall. The political classes imparted were different, as they then experienced similar trajectories (both becoming president of the Council of Majorca). Salom’s time as delegate was never easy; there was much frost on the sunny island.

With the political party planets having become ever more closely aligned in Madrid and Palma, the appointment of a new permanent delegate should be straightforward. The Spanish government will today officially be appointing Aina Calvo. A former mayor of Palma, Calvo lost the election to lead PSOE in the Balearics to Armengol. Her chance of becoming president thus disappeared.

It will all be made out to appear totally harmonious. It won’t be allowed to look any different, yet Armengol’s real person of trust is said to be Ramon Morey, the currently acting delegate, who took over from another Armengol person of trust, Rosario Sánchez, who is now her finance minister.

Observers of body language will be taking very close note.