All does not seem to very well in this glorious Mediterranean paradise - everyone seems to be agreeing to disagree and it is creating a rather negative environment, not only behind closed political and union doors, but also on the streets.

Instead of being yes, yes, yes, it’s all no, no, no and the attitude adopted by the local authorities appears to be filtering through to on line readers around the world.
The big one is the booze ban. Few people disagree but they do have doubts about its implementations and if it was properly thought through.

Others are stunned by the decision to outlaw bar and restaurant terraces while restricting vehicle access to the city centre and, the lack of winter flights continues to anger and frustrate would be off season visitors and second home owners on the island.
That said, while the lack of winter flights is like a bone to a dog for many, so too are plans to increase capacity at Palma airport.

However, this local coalition may turn out to be the listening authority. Palma council has backed down to a certain extent over its crusade against terraces and is prepared to now consult bars and restaurants and listen to their concerns while those in power have also agreed to have a second look at reformation plans for the airport. That said, all this constant bickering is not doing much for morale.