I sincerely believe that it is complete and utter madness by the Palma city council to ask restaurants to remove the coverings from their outside terraces. Whatever the city council says, it will dent the turnover of restaurants and bars.

Now the city council says that they have taken this action because the covered terraces impede the right of way, but you have to be a brave person to walk through a packed terrace restaurant, covered terrace or not. I also believe that the city council should be helping the restaurant trade rather than trying to hinder their efforts. The council have urged businesses to remain open during the winter months.

For many restaurants the covered terraces are a lifesaver, they offer protection from the elements and at the same time allow al fresco eating during the low season. Just last week small retailers called on the council for help because they are having difficulty competing against Internet shopping and the new out-of-town shopping centers.

So times are hard for small businesses in Palma. The coronavirus is expected to lead to fewer tourists visiting the island this summer, especially during the Easter period. Not only will restaurants have fewer clients their terraces will be of little use if the weather is unfavourable. So really the council should reconsider their position and help restaurants during this difficult time. I can name plenty of problems in Palma which need resolving, covered terraces is not one of them.