While the Balearic authorities, in particular the Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, are having to deal with the coronavirus and do their very best to minimise the negative affect it is going to have on tourism this year, they are still looking ahead to the future.

At some point, the coronavirus will pass and business will eventually return to usual - hence why Negueruela is sticking to his guns over the new all inclusive “booze ban” and crackdown on antisocial behaviour in key black spots. He repeated this week that the ‘tourism of excesses’ law is “not against tourists” but about protecting tourism quality and it is a law which has been drawn up with the long term future in mind. He repeated that the law had been “necessary” for tackling drunken tourism.

In the process, he added, employment will be improved and the profitability of establishments will increase and he has been supported, not only by his fellow cabinet members, but the industry and large and, in particular the council in Calvia where hundreds of millions of euros from the public and private sector has, and is, being pumped into reforming and improving key resorts like Magalluf. Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez has emphasised Calvia’s “leadership” in the fight against tourism of excesses and in favour of a sustainable, economic and social tourism - people are thinking forward, and so they should.