The Guardia Civil in Andratx have had an extremely productive and commendable week and residents living in Majorca, and Spain at large, should be grateful that the various police and security forces work extremely efficiently, although much of their work, in particular counter terrorism, goes on behind closed doors and gets very little recognition.

However, the case involving the “kidnapping” and near death experience of a British resident in Puerto Andratx serves to highlight just how quickly the security forces can move and resolve a crime.

The Briton was robbed of a 25,000 pound Rolex at knife point while being held in a vehicle against his will.

Within 48 hours, the Guardia Civil had recovered his watch and within less than a week, arrested the two Spaniards who robbed the Briton who has owned a holiday home in the port for the past 35 years and is a regular visitor with many friends of all nationalities in the area.

Initially, he couldn’t believe what had happened to him.

He admitted that watch was the least of his concerns as it was insured. What worried him most that he thought he was going to die in Puerto Andratx, where he had never had any problems in the past. But, thanks to the swift action by the Guardia, he will continue to return to his beloved Puerto Andratx. Good job.