Valentina Cepeda, a cleaner at Congress in Madrid. | Efe/Mariscal


Three cheers...
For Valentina Cepeda. Deputies in Congress, the very few in attendance, gave a round of applause to health workers at the session to confirm the extension to the state of emergency measures. These deputies have also applauded Valentina, who is a cleaner at Congress and disinfects the rostrum after each deputy speaks.

Prime Minister Sanchez has offered his personal thanks to her, Valentina having become something of a symbol for cleaners everywhere. So often forgotten and so underpaid, cleaners - and the work they perform - have never been more crucial. It is time to recognise just what a contribution they make.

A big boo....
For ongoing stupidity. There has been the fake news, such as the army being ordered to close supermarkets. Malicious as much as stupid, this sort of hoax merely heightens anxiety. Then there are the individuals who continue to do daft things.

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