The other day a group of Palma firemen in their trucks turned up outside the home of a little boy who was celebrating his birthday to wish him all the best.

Obviously, the boy was over the moon. His parents had contacted the fire brigade and asked them for their help to make the birthday extra special and they did.

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Now, overall their actions have been applauded by most but some complained that it was a waste of resources and they could have been doing other things. To be honest I have rather mixed views on this issue. Part of me says that it is a wonderful thing to do which must have made the boy´s birthday extra special, but on the other hand I wonder whether the fire brigade are going to do this for every child who is celebrating a birthday in Palma. If this is the case then they are going to be very busy!

The local police in villages have been putting on shows and parties for children in lockdown, which is a great idea. Perhaps, it could be extended to other areas including Palma. Yes, it could be said that it is a waste of resources but remember there are literally thousands of children who haven´t been out in almost three weeks and any entertainment would be greatly welcomed by parents. For younger children it will also help ease some of the tensions after seeing police road blocks across the country on television.

Obviously these are difficult times for everyone and the police and fire brigade are playing a key role. Entertaining children and easing the atmosphere is not a waste of resources, in my view.