After a month and a half in lockdown, Spaniards are starting to question the government´s lockdown policy. Everyone is well aware of the reasoning but has the government gone too far? You can go to the supermarkets, which are usually packed and despite the best efforts of staff social distancing is a problem, but small shops are not allowed to open.

The construction industry is working but the majority of offices are closed. Providing social distancing is respected and the necessary precautions (masks, gloves etc) are taken, then I don´t really see why the government can´t start easing some of the restrictions in a slow and organised manner. The government only allows a small number of businesses to open to keep people off the streets but the clock is ticking and soon we are going to have to take into account the health and general well-being of those who have been stuck at home for the last five weeks.

No-one in their right mind is going to advocate a mass exit but a limited easing of the restrictions has got to be on the horizon soon, surely. The Spanish government has some difficult decisions to make; it showed how divided it is and some would say unsure of what to do next when it announced that children could go to the supermarket and banks with their parents and then backtracked and said that they could go for a walk. It is time that the government came clean and gave a timetable to a return to normal life.