After a month and a half in lockdown, Spaniards are starting to question the government´s lockdown policy. Everyone is well aware of the reasoning but has the government gone too far? You can go to the supermarkets, which are usually packed and despite the best efforts of staff social distancing is a problem, but small shops are not allowed to open.

The construction industry is working but the majority of offices are closed. Providing social distancing is respected and the necessary precautions (masks, gloves etc) are taken, then I don´t really see why the government can´t start easing some of the restrictions in a slow and organised manner. The government only allows a small number of businesses to open to keep people off the streets but the clock is ticking and soon we are going to have to take into account the health and general well-being of those who have been stuck at home for the last five weeks.

No-one in their right mind is going to advocate a mass exit but a limited easing of the restrictions has got to be on the horizon soon, surely. The Spanish government has some difficult decisions to make; it showed how divided it is and some would say unsure of what to do next when it announced that children could go to the supermarket and banks with their parents and then backtracked and said that they could go for a walk. It is time that the government came clean and gave a timetable to a return to normal life.


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S. / Hace about 1 year

Very well said Ricky! 👏🏻


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

The inconsistencies and contradictions will only mount up. Children must be accompanied when allowed out, they may go for a walk. But adults, barring those with dogs, are not allowed to just go for a walk. They must be going to the bank, supermarket or work. So if you borrow someone’s child, or dog (it has been done a lot, I know) you can get a proper walk done. But no running, that is only allowed for children, as is jumping. It’s like living in a Monty Python governed madhouse! But it’s not funny.


Ricky / Hace about 1 year

I’m going to break my own rule and reply to this total nonsense. We are dealing with known unknowns. This situation is unprecedented. Granted, the government screwed up on the rule on kids. Like any government, however, they are dealing with a moving target. There can be no timetable, and nor should there be for now. Until there can be an effective vaccination. Which will probably take at least another year. This is the new reality. There will be no tourist season, but better to be hungry than dead. The island should NOT open up again for now, and even then on a measured and progressive basis. Any other idea is madness.


Pamela Archer / Hace about 1 year

When is the Government going to allow older people to go out for exercise for a couple of hours each day. Exercise is just as vital for older people as it is for children. I understand that there have been no new cases of covid 19 for the past 2 weeks. I suffer from severe osteoporosis arthritis and my GP in Sant Lluis has advised me to have a good walk every day to strengthen my muscles and before the lockdown, my husband and I would walk 5 or 6 kilometers most days. Now after several weeks of being unable to do this, I find myself having to rely on strong pain killers to cope with the acute pain. I agree the lockdown was necessary but it is now past time these rules are relaxed