What a mess! A one line sentence during a heated interview on a breakfast TV show and the British travel industry effectively comes to a standstill.

Health minister Matt Hancock said that it was unlikely that Britons would be able to enjoy an international summer holiday because of the coronavirus. He said this at a time when the British travel industry was cautiously making plans to get flying again in July. All of a sudden the industry is grounded but international summer holidays are still on sale. Willie Walsh of the British Airways Group, quite rightly slammed the British government yesterday.

Wouldn´t it have been a better idea for Hancock to talk to the travel industry and get their views before launching his broadside? The fact that Britons can´t go on holiday abroad this summer (allegedly) surely deserves an official government statement from the Prime Minister because not only does the British travel industry employ tens of thousands of people a similar number of Britons have already booked their holidays. So if Britons can´t go on holiday this summer, what message do you have for the travel industry Mr Hancock?

That they should shut-up shop and look for alternative employment? I do believe this was a knee-jerk reaction by the Health Minister during a difficult TV interview. At the moment you can´t go on holiday abroad but in July, who knows? Big mistake Mr. Hancock, think before opening your mouth.


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David Barrow / Hace about 1 year

Hi Jason completely agree with you im from the uk and have a small bar on the playa de palma that Mr Hancock should speak to the PM before making statements for the whole british government as stupidity can and will cause mas harm to so many people (get on with your job Hancock and don't ruin others) Ps Jason I think it was a Han-cock Jerk not a Knee Jerk Regards David Havana Cafe