What a mess! A one line sentence during a heated interview on a breakfast TV show and the British travel industry effectively comes to a standstill.

Health minister Matt Hancock said that it was unlikely that Britons would be able to enjoy an international summer holiday because of the coronavirus. He said this at a time when the British travel industry was cautiously making plans to get flying again in July. All of a sudden the industry is grounded but international summer holidays are still on sale. Willie Walsh of the British Airways Group, quite rightly slammed the British government yesterday.

Wouldn´t it have been a better idea for Hancock to talk to the travel industry and get their views before launching his broadside? The fact that Britons can´t go on holiday abroad this summer (allegedly) surely deserves an official government statement from the Prime Minister because not only does the British travel industry employ tens of thousands of people a similar number of Britons have already booked their holidays. So if Britons can´t go on holiday this summer, what message do you have for the travel industry Mr Hancock?

That they should shut-up shop and look for alternative employment? I do believe this was a knee-jerk reaction by the Health Minister during a difficult TV interview. At the moment you can´t go on holiday abroad but in July, who knows? Big mistake Mr. Hancock, think before opening your mouth.