It's the perfect time for the British government to continue releasing bad news. While it battles to get a grip on the COVID-10 pandemic and mounting civil unrest over racism, that little chap Gove, Boris Johnson’s Baldrick, yesterday let off another stinker.
Gove made it clear that Britain will not extend the transition period with the European Union beyond its year-end deadline, adding the moment has now passed.

“I formally confirmed the UK will not extend the transition period and the moment for extension has now passed. On 1 January 2021 we will take back control and regain our political and economic independence,” Gove said.

Like it or not, the European Union, made it quite clear from the start of the pandemic that it was prepared to do all it could to help the UK through the virus-crisis as, technically, it is still an EU member state until the end of this year and Brussels followed this up with offers of an extension - if nothing else to help the British economy get back on its feet.

But no. On November 1, it will be exactly 30 years since The Sun published its infamous “Up yours Delors” front page and what a way to mark it. The British economy is tanking, as it is across the pond where the UK was supposed to be embarking on bright new trading future. A suspension would have come as a relief to many businesses but it looks like the UK’s got its work cut out.


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Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

There really are some silly comments - I can see very little advantage to leaving the EU other than taking control - by force if necessary - GB fishing waters. Other than that we're leaving a huge tariff-free market, possibly losing our freedom of movement and great advantages such as the EHIC card and open roaming for mobile phones. Workers' rights in the UK have been improved dramatically by the EU. For the ordinary UK citizen the current UK Government is highly untrustworthy in its funding of the correct areas of economy, and the Cummings affair is a prime example of a Government abandoning areas of democracy as it moves far right.


brian emery / Hace about 1 year

What clown wrote this we don't need the EU they need us as is being shown. They need our money and fishing waters and are clutching at straws now they realise we are leaving and it is the EU who will lose out. Our money will stay at home and be spent in our own country for our needs, perhaps France and Germany will make up the shortfall for the rest of the EU. The EU have only offered an extension to keep our money in and keep raping our fishing waters for another 2 years, well no thanks. Where we go others will follow, bye bye.


John Kerr / Hace about 1 year

Gove is Rupert Murdoch's puppet, as is his his wife who on Murdoch's payroll, he is a dangerous little man and it is interesting that Demonic Cummings was previously employed by Gove. Boris is merely a frontman for this cabal, being lined up to be stabbed in the back once again, a useful idiot to them. Sadly without any usefullness to the UK either, we will regret this situation when our industries close and the Tories sell off the NHS, if you don't believe they will then examine where the untendered contracts have been placed during the Covid pandemic. Curruption is at their heart.


Marc / Hace about 1 year

The British government made it absolutely clear from the outset that an extension to the transition period would not be requested under any circumstances. Can’t see the problem here. The EU are finally getting the message on fishing, ECJ, level playing field etc. About time.


MelB / Hace about 1 year

People in glass houses should not throw stones!!


Bill / Hace about 1 year

I think that you are deluded if you think that the EU was trying to be generous and benevolent to the UK. The 2 year extension is being offered so that the EU can extract many more £ billions each year to pay for their failed project. The UK would have no representation in Bruxelles and would be subject to all laws, new and existing, with no voice on the matter. Who knows what vindictive laws could be passed or promoted by the member states. In the meantime the EU would be assisting pressure groups to get the law repealed. Bruxelles has form in trying to subject people to their bullying tactics, remember the Republic of Ireland when a second vote was enforced when the first went against the EU.This latest move was just a try at entrapment which has failed.Barnier thought he had the UK on the ropes and we would be pleading for an extension. He even said in his bullying style which is representative of the EU, that the extension would come at a high price - not how to win friends and influence people. Ultimately it helped with the decision making process. As a negotiator Mr Barnier has a lot to learn. Bullying is not a tool of a good negotiator and ultimately turned many Remainers into Brexiteers.

So now there is clarity, maybe the EU will agree to some kind of free trade agreement to protect the massive surplus in trade that they have with UK. The Commonwealth countries, and many countries around the world are queuing up to do free trade deals with the UK. As there is only a certain amount of money to be spent it does mean a big slice of that money spent with the EU will be going elsewhere around the world.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

You say: “Surely any sensible government...” Hahahahahaha. Hold on, I’ll be with you in a minute, hahahaha....