Never mind the closing of alcohol outlets in Magalluf, the Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni, Ibiza, it may be time that the authorities consider a nationwide shut down of borders again or some form of restriction of movement.

The number of spikes is continuing to rise in Spain, as they are across Europe. Yesterday, some four million people in Catalonia, including its capital Barcelona, were urged to stay home and it makes me wonder how many people from the “spike zones” around Spain have already come to the Balearics on holiday over the past few weeks, not to mention from other risk areas in Europe?

I know the economy is on its knees and seasonal staff are desperate to get back to work, along with the tens of thousands who are still furloughed across the Balearics but, is it safe?

Tourism has not taken off. I have a week long staycation planned for the end of this month and the day before yesterday I was bumped to another hotel because my second choice has delayed opening due to a flood of cancellations over the past week. Fortunately I have booked with a large global Majorcan company so they are taking care of everything, but I may be just one of a lucky few. When I learnt of the massive surge in cancellations in response to the compulsory mask wearing law, I didn’t believe it at first.

But, it’s very real, as is the threat of more spikes. The trillion euro question is what to do next?