Jose Ramon Bauza was the last Partido Popular president of the Balearics before the current left wing coalition swept to power. He then went on to make a bit of a fool of himself by having a crewcut and joining the army as a volunteer medic, he is a pharmacist by profession. He then jumped ship and joined the alleged liberal party, Ciudadanos, for which he is a Balearic MEP and spokesperson for the liberal block in Brussels.

Despite all this, he continues to attract regular media attention and a few months ago he came out with one of the best suggestions I have heard for years. With the pandemic having revealed more than ever how much the Balearics relies on tourism - without it we’re bust - he maintains that now is the perfect time for a major rethink with regards to the direction in which Majorca intends to go in the future. He is now currently pounding the corridors of power in Brussels promoting Majorca as the perfect work-from-home destination in Europe and he is targeting the financial sector.

The home working programme during this pandemic has worked extremely well and opened the eyes of thousands of businesses and Bauza is convinced that Majorca could become the office for key workers in the global financial sector, like Guernsey for example. Just a few hours flight from most key European cities with excellent health care, education and lifestyle it could be a game changer.