In holidaymaking terms, Andalusia and Catalonia are most noted for the Costas Sol and Brava. On the Costa del Sol, historical lack of harmony in relations between the two regions is now being aired. The president of Costa del Sol tourism and of the provincial deputation has laid the blame for the UK’s quarantine firmly at the doors of the Catalan government.

Francisco Salado believes that there is a “tremendous injustice” because the whole country is having to pay “for the lousy management of the pandemic by the Catalan government”. “They spend their time talking about self-government but are then unable to manage their responsibilities and stop the disease.”

The Andalusia government, it should be noted, comprises parties dead against Catalan self-government. This needs to be taken into account when considering Salado’s criticisms. But he isn’t the only one to have made this type of observation. A curious thing is that the Catalan government had wanted an even harsher lockdown regime than that which the Spanish government imposed. But when it came to de-escalation, there was relaxation that took time (too much time) in addressing, e.g. the opening of clubs, which have now been closed again. This contrasted with, for instance, the tougher stance towards clubs adopted by the Balearic government.

There are politics at work in the blame being heaped on the Catalan government; there’s no doubt about that. But whether the blame is fair or not, the injustice for other regions of Spain is unquestionable.