Traditionally Palma becomes rather quiet during August with the majority of residents fleeing the city centre and heading for their coastal second homes while tourists tend to head to the beach to cool down.

However, there is nothing traditional about this summer.

While it is sadly quiet in the tourist industry, the capital is vibrating under a wave of construction work.

I know it is all part of a drive to try and revive the economy and keep sectors active where possible but I think there needs to be a happy medium.

Within the square kilometre surrounding the Bulletin offices on the Paseo Maritimo, two new five star hotels are being built as is a luxury block of flats, three large apartment blocks are having their facades improved while at least ten private properties are undergoing major reformation work while their proprietors enjoy the peace and quite of their holiday home.

And I know this is not only happening in Palma but across the island and it’s shattering the normal peace and quite enjoyed during August.

I was always under the impression that exterior construction work was illegal during the months of July and August, clearly that’s gone out of the window or the authorities are turning a blind eye, even when work starts at 7am. Under the current circumstances, some peace may help calm people’s fears and worries.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Rather than supporting ecomic activity, you still find a way to have a little dig. Maybe besides the mask that you now find so normal to wear, you should get some ear plugs too. They are really not a problem and you will be proud to wear them.


Liz / Hace about 1 year

Why are the government allowing yet more hotels to be built, I thought the general idea was for Mallorca to have less tourists


Lisa / Hace about 1 year

So the tourists that do brave the Covid risks and visit Mallorca will be met with horrific levels of noise from morning through to evening.

I don’t think this is a particularly clever way to promote tourism??


Ga / Hace about 1 year

Is there not an issue of safety for the workers too.., I understand a worker died in Port Pollença last week from a heart attack. Heat related?