Madrid, and to a lesser extent Palma, has continued to cling to the hope that the UK will open air corridors to some regions of Spain, in particular the Balearics and the Canaries while giving people false expectations. Well it’s no going to happen, not in the short to mid term any way.

Firstly, the number of cases is far too high and secondly, the plan is for children to go back to schools within the next few weeks, so the summer holiday window for most of the UK is going to be over.

Yesterday, the British government was due to review quarantine measures and the potential for a relaxation this week, but sources suggested limited prospects of immediate change.

And, London’s travel restrictions have not only seriously damaged tourists industries such as in the Balearics, they have also hit the UK’s travel industry extremely hard.

While staycations may have flourished, although people have been complaining about popular destinations like Cornwall hiking its prices and cashing in on the crisis, the number of foreign visitors heading to the UK has tanked massively with hotels in the main tourist destinations, in particular London, empty.

The damage has been done, it’s all over for tourism this year and one day politicians will have to look back and evaluate the decisions they’ve made which have ruined the livelihoods of thousands of people in the Balearics.