I think the majority of people understand that children have to go back to school but teachers and parents face a minor nightmare. Asked whether concerned parents would have the right to keep their children at home, education minister Isabel Celaa said schools were safer than other places. “It is mandatory to go to class. For anyone who is afraid, I must say that we have been working since day one for a safe environment,” she said, acknowledging there was no place with “zero risk.”

Besides mask use, children must keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other, while primary school students will be assigned to small groups to take all classes and break times. This is going to put plenty of additional pressure on teachers especially those involved with younger students. Probably one of the best solutions would be a mixture of home/school classes. This would ease the burden on schools and teachers. It could be a question of one week in school and one week at home.

To be honest if parents are not satisfied that the correct measures are being taken to protect their child they will simply not send them to school, whatever the government says. Trying to get a group of young children to social distance and wear their face mask will be no easy task. I know the education authorities have been working long and hard to come up with a system but they will have a big problem pleasing everyone. There is too much concern and schools must be properly prepared.