Considering the few British tourists/visitors Majorca has received this summer because of the pandemic, there’s always one who has to make the headlines and for all the wrong reasons.The issue in question involved the passenger from Birmingham last week who ended up biting half an ear off a fellow passenger during a flight bound for Palma.

According to the Guardia Civil, who stormed the plane on landing and arrested said passenger, he had been drunk when he boarded the flight and reacted violently when cabin crew, within their rights, refused to serve him any more alcohol on the flight. He decided to storm the galley and help himself and the subsequent brawl broke out, much to the horror to the rest of the passengers and potential danger to the plane. One can imagine the comments on social media from Spaniards and fellow Britons - no one was impressed - ashamed even.

So, what is the solution? It’s quite simple, although sadly drastic. Either restrict opening times of bars at UK airports or introduce a system where passengers are only permitted to consume a certain amount of units before boarding a plane. This could be done by having a QPR code on the boarding card which is scanned every time a passenger orders a drink, it could easily be a fast track process and would at least serve as a way of controlling alcohol abuse at airports. The other question is why was he allowed to board the flight in the first place? Airlines and cabin crew have the powers to deny passage.


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Jonas / Hace 12 months

Five year ban from flights and six months in prison should act as a good deterrent for first time offenders.putting the lives of 200 people at risk because someone wants to get pissed is disgusting.


f4phixeruk / Hace about 1 year

Bars at UK airports wont be closed due to the fact that they pay a lot of money into the airport owners pockets in rents. I also seem to remember hearing [ I may be wrong] that the airport also get money from the profits that are made by shops / bars / restaurants make.


Britbabe / Hace about 1 year

He should never have been allowed on board ! A drunk passenger would be a liability in case of any emergency and other would put the lives of other passengers at great risk.


Nigel Stack / Hace about 1 year

Sadly any ban would in the airports would be negated by them bringing their own booze with them. Close the Duty Free? Can't see that happening and it's not as though they are cheaper than the shops anymore.