Since the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez handed over controlling Covid to the various autonomous governments, like the Balearics, regional tensions have started to fray.

Under normal circumstances, Spain’s regions control education and health care, but things are slightly different right now and will be for the foreseeable future so I think it’s time Madrid takes back control before matters get out of hand. The Spanish government has recommended reimposing a partial lockdown on all of Madrid city to curb the spread of coronavirus after local authorities imposed restrictions on just some areas of the wider region, but the regional authorities are opposed to taking drastic measures. And, the government of Andalusia wants to introduce restrictions preventing residents in Madrid who own second homes in the region from being able to use them until the pandemic is under control in the capital.

So, Andalusia and Madrid are at loggerheads with other regions monitoring developments, not only in Madrid, but also in Catalonia where the number of cases is continuing to rise. One of the reasons for the summer’s spikes was domestic tourism, in particular residents from Madrid and Catalonia travelling across Spain and most regions don’t want a repeat scenario, but it’s a tough call to make and will upset a lot of people.