PROVIDING Magalluf is allowed to reopen next year, business owners, especially those in the hostelry sector, could be faced with a complicated problem, where will they get their seasonal workers from?

Seasonal Business in Travel (SBiT) has launched a petition calling for the UK and Europe to allow young people to work for short periods of time without visas.

The organisation, which had campaigned for a second referendum on Brexit and to keep free movement in any deal with the EU, says the jobs of 25,000 UK citizens working abroad in Europe are at risk without a visa exemption scheme in place.

It said 87% of those 25,000 seasonal working are aged between 18 and 34-years-old, and jobs include reps, hotel staff, nannies, drivers and logistics experts.

The first concern is what is going to happen to those Britons heading off to work the winter ski season, providing there is one.

The second one is going to be what will the rules and regulations be for the tens of thousands of young people who normally, or are planning, to spend the summer working in an overseas resort in bars, shops, hotels etc.

If visas and the like become a requirement, it may deter many from bothering and in resorts like Magalluf, where are the seasonal staff, which are mostly British, going to come from?