ON Tuesday I will be giving a conference to the local Chamber of Commerce on Brexit and how I lived through the whole process. Jonny Greenall, Chief Pilot and owner of Balearic Helicopters will also be addressing the event.

Regular readers of this column will know my feelings about Brexit, I think it is a bad idea especially in the present circumstance but I also firmly believe in democracy so I will bow to the judgement of the majority.

So how have I lived through the process? Well, initially the result was a big shock, to say that I was speechless would be an understatement. However, I have always been aware of the strong anti-European Union sentiment which exists in Britain and there are some people in pro-European Union Spain who actually support Brexit. Not many but there are some. I have always believed that the idea of a European Union didn't sit well in Britain. I don't think anyone could say, though, that Britain has not done its fair share to protect Europe and its values. And Britain will remain a key European state, after all Britain is leaving the European Union not Europe!

Can Britain survive outside the European Union? Well of course. Britain is a trading nation and I suspect that after a faltering start it will be alright on the night but I wouldn´t say that it is a bright future. It is a future of uncertainty and to be very honest after a highly difficult year the prospect of Covid and Brexit sharing the same bill does concern me. It worries me because we rely heavily on Britain in Mallorca and if Britain catches a cold, we will get the flu. It is as simple as that.