YET another curve ball to increase the general confusion and frustration in Mallorca. Very few, if anybody, in the hostelry sector saw yesterday’s tightening of the curfew coming - initially the Balearic government said that no new general restrictions would be announced early next week - well they suddenly pulled a surprise out of the hat yesterday and yet more new restrictions could still come next week.

Yesterday lunchtime, just minutes after the 10pm curfew was announced, I popped out for lunch and passed a few of the popular restaurants along the Paseo Maritimo. Being my neighbourhood, I know most of the managers and they were all too busy to talk - their faces said it all. They were bent over their reservation books with mobiles plastered to their ears busy calling up clients to reschedule, dare I say cancel, evening bookings which have been made between tonight and December 21.

Some of these restaurants are full every night, with people queuing on weekends. Now having to be closed by 10pm, that means last orders at 9.30 at the latest, they will need time to clear up before shutting down for the night. And, with the festive season just around the corner, will consumers bother? After all, here in the Mediterranean, whatever the season, we’re used to eating out late. All I can say is I hope the President remembers it’s home by 10pm - like the rest of us.