It is pretty outrageous for the European Union to say that Britons will be unable to travel freely to the continent after January 1 because of strict coronavirus rules. On January 1 Britain joins the group of countries that are considered as third-countries to the EU and given the high number of Coronavirus cases marked in the country, the chances are high that Britain will be listed among the countries to which the EU has sealed off its borders since mid-March 2020.

This is complete madness because if it was alright for Britons to travel to the European continent on December 31 it should be alright for them to do so on January 1. The European Union is pondering banning all but non-essential travel for Britons post Brexit in a short term move because of the coronavirus legislation. But Britain already recommends all but not non-essential travel to Spain (bar the Canary Islands) so really this is nothing new.

My advice: Keep Calm and Carry On and hope to see you in Majorca soon.-