BREXIT appears to be forcing some Britons in to making harsher decisions than the Covid pandemic. Yesterday, a long time British second home owner, and reader of the Bulletin, contacted the paper to confirm what the travel protocol is for travelling to Mallorca.

It transpires that after having owned a family holiday home on the island for many years, as a result of Brexit, his family has decided to sell up.

On the one hand, he managed to find a buyer relatively quickly, on the other he admitted that it is going to break his heart when he comes over next week to sign the paperwork and walk away from the island.

He explained that the culmination of Brexit and the tightening of property rental rules in the Balearics have forced his and his family’s hands.

He said that if Britons are only going to be allowed to spend 90 days per year in an EU member state, the prospect of all the bureaucracy involved with obtaining permission to rent the property out is just far too complicated, so they’ve taken the easier option and decided to sell up.

He also added that the post-Brexit overseas health care situation for Britons living in the EU is far from clear - causing further confusion. He said that the whole situation is very disappointing and I doubt he is the only Briton to feel that way.