All of this week, the Balearic government and health service has been told by various sectors, in particular tourism, and opposition parties, to quickly speed up the Covid vaccination programme in order to get the local economy moving as soon as possible and return to some form of normality to the lives of the general public. However, there has been no knee jerk reaction, just assurances that everything possible is being done.

As of yesterday at midday, 86 percent of the 23.190 doses of the vaccine the Balearics currently has had been administered - what’s the problem, why was not it 100 percent?
I know next week is going to be a struggle with Pfizer distributing fewer doses due to temporary work to expand the size of its plant in Belgium so that it can speed up production, but why are we sitting on vaccines in the Balearics, why are they not being administered?

The Balearic health system is under intense pressure and reaching bursting point, as it is across most of Spain, but surely pharmacies could be involved in the vaccine programme. As things stand the over 70s are not due for their shots until March across Spain while other European countries are advancing at a much fast rate. The government has been warned, no vaccines, no chance of any economic recovery.