WHILE Boris Johnson has suddenly become the pin-up for many Spanish media pundits for how well, amidst all the Brexit jiggery-pokery, he and his government managed to roll out a vaccinations programme which is putting the rest of Europe to shame - even he has admitted that the EU’s sluggish vaccination rate may complicated Britons’ holiday plans.

As BJ pointed out late on Tuesday, while the UK might be in a healthy position to travel, which destinations will be in a position to receive UK visitors? He also questioned how valid would UK vaccination certificates be - would they be accepted across the board or, as we’ve seen, each EU member state be left to its own devices. So, there are still many variables for Britons bookings holidays to take into account and allow for.

Now, closer to home here in Mallorca, where the vaccination roll out is extremely slow, to say the least. It would appear that vaccination passports are going to come into play. In my case, I have a flight voucher from last year valid until the end of June. Now, as things stand the chances of me having had the vaccine by then are very slim.

But, if travel vaccines are in force by then, will this mean I can’t fly and therefore lose my voucher?

I can’t get any sense from the airline, it admits they have had no clear information from the government.

I think it’s high time Spain gets its finger out.


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