YESTERDAY I popped down to the immigration office to begin the process of exchanging by Green Resident Card for the new T.I.E version and it really was a case of popping in.

Apart from the case that, providing one understands Castellano, the online process and paperwork is extremely easy to complete, the special ‘Brexit’ office is very efficient and fast with three highly professional and amiable immigration officers on duty to process all the paperwork. It was an in and out job, took no more that 10 minutes.

The Spanish authorities said that they were setting up a fast track system for ‘Brexit’ and it could not be any easier or faster.

However, two minor things were brought to my attention.

The chap in front of me had obviously opted for the wrong office, he had clicked on National Police Station as opposed to Oficina de Extranjería in Palma and was sent off to the National Police Station, where as far as I am aware, they don’t take care of T.I.E cards, so he may face a bit of a run around.

The second was make sure that all printed documents are A4 and that nothing is cut off the bottom, otherwise you will have to return on another day with the documents correctly printed.

That said, providing all the other paperwork is correct, you are in the system and it’s just a case of popping back and getting finger printed. Great service.