A Mallorcan can´t even travel to Minorca but a Germany came come here on holiday. This in a nutshell was the main topic of conversation in local bars yesterday and local residents were not impressed.

Granted that your German tourist will have to have a PCR test before and after travel and quarantine for five days when they arrive home but at least they can come away on holiday.

The rest of us will have to wait. There are mixed views over the arrival of German tourists. Some say it is too early, some say it is totally unfair while others claims that at last we are seeing some tourists and the hotels can re-open.

If you are sitting on the mainland and you know that you are barred from travel to the Balearics then it must appear that there is one law for the Germans and one for the Spanish.

There was some good news yesterday with the announcement that Spain has lifted its ban on British tourists but international travel is barred in Britain until at least May 17, although there are some exceptions....if you want to buy a house.

You do get the impression at the moment that the Balearic government is in a no-win situation.

German tourists are coming here largely because of a loophole in the law.

They have been told not to come to Mallorca, they have been urged not to come to Mallorca but they have not been banned by the German government and for this reason we are seeing German tourists. Is it unfair? Yes of course but we all need a holiday.