POLITICIANS can be extremely selfish people at times and more often than not, take their eye off the ball and totally miss the point.

The European Union quite simply got its vaccine programme wrong and to be honest, I am surprised that continental pharmaceutical giants like Bayern did not try and develop their own vaccine.

I am sure that the European Union, as a united body, could have devised its own vaccine and a much more proactive and faster programme. But it has not and now it is everyone else’s fault. But, just look at the simple facts.

In less than a year since the pandemic struck Europe, a vaccine was rolled out and began to be used.

AstraZeneca may well have some side effects which have yet to be confirmed, but at least it has been approved by the powers that be and is being rolled out in the millions.

Just think, it is not even 100 years since Sir Alexander Fleming invented the world’s first broadly effective antibiotic substance which he named penicillin in 1922.

The discovery totally changed the path of modern medicine and has saved millions of lives and laid the foundations for the development of the many more antibiotics which followed.

To think that AstraZeneca and the other vaccines took less than a year to develop and perfect is an amazing feat we should be embracing.