A healthcare worker prepares a dose of Vaxzevria (previously AstraZeneca) COVID-19 vaccine | ANTONIO DASIPARU - MI dk - EFE -


I am happy to say that in todays ‘Viewpoint’ I need to eat some humble pie! After writing quite a few articles in the past alleging incompetence in the rolling out of Covid-19 vaccinations on the island, on Wednesday of this week I received my first jab.

I must say that I was surprised to get the call to attend the vaccination unit at the old Son Dureta hospital site in Palma as I had expected to wait at least until June/July to get inoculated.

The medical and security staff in attendance were both polite and practical and the whole process took less than thirty minutes which included a 15 minute wait at the completion of the jab to make sure that I had no negative reaction.

I have noticed that for those who have had a vaccination, there is a sort of one-upmanship ‘game’ to be played regarding the name of the vaccination given. We had the Moderna jab with our second session set for late May, whilst others I’m told, got the Pfizer or AstraZeneca equivalent.

I must say the whole process was incredibly straightforward and I didn’t even feel the needle when the nurse did her job and I have had no reaction at all in the meantime. Perhaps I’m bound to say it - but, if you get the call, go and get it done! As for me, rather embarrassingly, I’m still trying to explain to friends how I managed to get the jab in my late 50’s!