Frank Leavers
Frank Leavers

Frank has been writing a number of different columns for the Bulletin for almost 16 years; in that time he has also worked as a radio and television presenter in Mallorca. He has a background in the press, media, politics and public affairs that goes back to the early 1980’s. Alas, he’s getting grumpier as he gets older!


The Covid-19 inquiry: the language of loathing!

The Covid-19 inquiry presently underway, has so far - not been the tedious box-ticking affair that many predicted.

Frank Leavers 13/11/2023 14:38


Let’s face it chaps - the person in charge is usually a woman

I have this theory (more a certainty actually) that it is women who generally make the key decisions in family life and then rather cleverly ‘sell’ these decisions to the male of the species complete with the fantasy that it was his decision in the first place.

Frank Leavers 23/10/2023 11:32


Read all about it - if you love books!

I read recently that it is becoming more and more difficult to entice children into reading as there are so many competing elements in modern living that take precedent it seems over books and reading once the kids get beyond six or seven years of age.

Frank Leavers 13/10/2023 13:03


Yes, I’m a pessimist - but in a really positive way!

This innate pessimism is said to be a central part of being British.

Frank Leavers 02/10/2023 12:10


Are you ‘Time Blind’ or just always late?

“I wonder why modern youngsters always have to dignify their social shortcomings with a recently invented, pseudo sounding, excuse for bad manners?”

Frank Leavers 25/09/2023 10:12


Is your doorbell spying on you?

You will have to believe me when I say that I am not (repeat not) a conspiracy theorist of any description. However, on occasions I have been known to ask myself - how on earth did he/she/they know about that?

Frank Leavers 18/09/2023 10:37


Vote early, vote often!

Why does the UK insist that we vote on a Thursday when the rest of the world seem to feel that a ‘workless’ Sunday is a better bet?

Frank Leavers 10/09/2023 17:21


The complicated truth about tipping

"I have to say that in Spain - and Mallorca in particular, tipping is quite a civilised procedure"

Frank Leavers 25/08/2023 13:48


Please tell generation Z that ageism cuts both ways!

It is my task today to list certain things that we the more mature elements of society - say and do, that may, or may not, get on the nerves of a younger generation.

Frank Leavers 18/08/2023 14:54


Shoplifting has become the fastest growing crime in the UK

“The Co-op has recorded the highest level of shoplifting in its history, and has accused the police of failing to take action against violent gangs of thieves...”

Frank Leavers 14/08/2023 08:30


Come on: Are you beach ready?

“If you are a tourist visiting this lovely island - a word to the wise; follow a group of Mallorcan day-trippers to the beach (as they always know the best places to go) and then move as far as you can away from them...”

Frank Leavers 04/08/2023 15:52


Some random thoughts on: Exclamations marks, apps and other annoying stuff

It appears that these days cash money is of no use to anyone. Everything is expected to be paid for by flashing a bank card or App.

Frank Leavers 31/07/2023 10:03


Tall and slim, or short and fat?

What do British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Ukrainian President Zelensky have in common?

Frank Leavers 24/07/2023 14:48


Cricket lovely cricket! - “It sounds like England”

“I find that rather like millions of other cricket lovers I prefer to listen to the matches on the radio via the BBC’s Test Match Special than live on the television...”

Frank Leavers 17/07/2023 13:32


Kids! Who’d have them?

The very process and desirability of parenthood is not what it was just a few decades ago.

Frank Leavers 06/07/2023 17:00


It’s only Rock & Roll, but I like it!

Then there was a number of fantastic gigs I did the press & media for when a number of superb artists visited Mallorca in the noughties.

Frank Leavers 30/06/2023 11:42


Please keep your clothes on will you?

Indeed I think that the Balearic authorities should introduce a by-law actually banning inappropriate leisure-wear among tourists and not forgetting residents, who can be as bad sometimes.

Frank Leavers 23/06/2023 09:56


Turned out nice again hasn’t it?

I have to say that I’d quite forgotten just how bizarre the British media can be where weather is concerned.

Frank Leavers 15/06/2023 15:37


Up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire!

Someone will be sleeping on a sofa I reckon, and it isn’t going to be me!

Frank Leavers 08/06/2023 15:27


That's what friends are for - isn’t it?

So then, pick your friends carefully, that’s what I say.

Frank Leavers 02/06/2023 11:37