Minorca's airport. | Gemma Andreu


The big question remains unanswered; when will Britons be allowed to come on holiday to the Balearics? It looks like it will be later rather than sooner. Spain’s decision to ban British visitors to the end of May means that there will be no British visitors at once when Britain finally allows international travel on May 17.

Spain’s announcement on Friday is a hammer blow for the Balearic tourist industry which was hoping that British tourists could start arriving from May 18. The decision by British travel giant, Jet2, to scrap all flights and holidays to June appears to be a wise move. Also, Britain has so far not said which countries will be on the “green list” for travel with lesser restrictions.

It is widely rumoured that Spain will be placed on “amber” in the traffic light system which will mean that visiting British tourists will have to quarantine on their return. This would be a big blow to the Spanish tourist industry. Attempts by the Balearics to be placed on the “green list” even if Spain is on “amber” appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

There is speculation within the travel industry that British tourists could start arriving in late June or early July. This is the planning which is being made at the moment. It is hoped that the season could be extended well into October or even November.

Obviously, there is much speculation at the moment and plenty of hope but the haunting words that the Balearics will not be able to survive without another holiday season continue to echo around the tourist industry. Fingers crossed that everything will be all right on the night.