“A greay day for British expat voting rights; at last an injustice has been righted...” | T. AYUGA


It has taken many years but at last a major injustice has finally been righted. It was scandalous that only those Britons who had lived outside the United Kingdom for less than 15 years could vote in UK general elections.

Many decisions made by the British government have a direct impact of the lives of expats in Spain. The attitude of previous British government appeared to be, if you don´t live here, you don´t get the vote.

Thankfully, expats now have the vote for life which will mean that they can make a meaningful contribution to the British democratic process. It was also a rather timely announcement by the British government.

Expats are feeling slightly cut off since Brexit. They now have “third country” status in Spain and some of the rights they enjoyed before Brexit have now disappeared. I sincerely hope that expats will vote in UK elections because it has taken alot of hard work to get the vote for life.

Some Members of Parliament have been campaigning for years. It would be a sad shame now the vote has been given that no-one actually voted! I also think that it would be a good idea if the British government appointed a British minister for expats.

A similar post already exists in France. It has taken many years but at last the British government appears to be taking a close interest in the affairs of British expats. I also hope that the new extended voting rights extend to referendums as well.