In the Balearics the Partido Popular has been hugely successful, but not anymore | CATI CLADERA - nip - EFE - EFE


Politics is a funny old game! A Balearic President who has made some of the most unpopular decisions in island history remains in power and the leader of the opposition steps down! Incredible but true. Biel Company, leader of the opposition Partido Popular, has thrown in the towel. His critics will say that he has been a poor opposition leader, unable to hold the Balearic government to account.

This is the same Balearic government which allowed bars and restaurants to open then decided to close them again a few days later. To some degree I have some sympathy for Company, it is probably not his fault at all, but his party which has lost touch with the people. Not long ago the Partido Popular was the party of government, not just in the Balearics but nationwide.

In the Balearics the Partido Popular has been hugely successful, but not anymore. A series of high level corruption cases dented the party´s image and then there was the rise of Vox, the far right party, leaving the Partido Popular out in the political wilderness. Now, the Partido Popular must reinvent itself again.

It won´t be easy because Spain is a different place these days. A move to the centre is probably needed to steal votes from the ruling Spanish Socialist Party instead of trying to attract voters who moved to Vox. The Partido Popular now have to find a new leader which will be no easy task. The political fallout will probably mean that the local government is even safer.