The local government wants quality tourism, so make it easier for top end clients. | MDB files

Paperwork in Spain has always been rather complicated, as many British residents would have found out getting their TIE cards, changing over driving licenses etc. over the past year.

However, it would appear that a number of bored civil servants have spent the pandemic complicating life even more, especially for the aviation and the yachting industries. On the one hand, the Balearic authorities and ministry for tourism harp on and on about the need for more quality tourism and a reduction of “mass tourism”, which they seem to think means the “dreaded” all inclusive market.

But, millionaires and billionaires, however much they love Mallorca, if faced with delays and paperwork, will simply private jet or cruise elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Mallorca does not have a given right to accommodate the wealthy, far from it.

Nothing is quick and simple. Sources in the nautical and aeronautical industries have been telling me of late that, in comparison to Cannes, Monaco or Nice, for example and destinations Palma wants to be competing with, everything is so complicated in Mallorca and, while the island has plenty to offer the five star luxury market, little is being done to bring it all together so that it works as one slick industry for people who intend to invest millions of euros on the island and help boost Majorca’s quality seal of approval.