“The Balearic government must control the illegal street parties...” | R.L.


Overall, the Balearic government hasn´t done a bad job in trying to control the coronavirus in the Balearics. It was a difficult situation for any government and President Francina Armengol has made some tough decision which has resulted in her government becoming deeply unpopular.

But all this good work could be lost if Armengol fails to stop the illegal street parties which have been taking place since last weekend when the curfew was lifted. More than 1,000 people gathered for an illegal beach party in the Playa de Palma, industrial estate became all-night drinking areas.

The list goes on. These events are both dangerous and alarming because eyewitnesses claim that few people were wearing the compulsory face masks and social distancing was certainly not happening.

By their very nature these events could mean that there is a rise in the number of Covid cases and the government is forced to reintroduce restrictions which would be a severe blow, economically and socially. Armengol stood firm with bars and restaurants and now she must do the same with these parties.

Heavy fines for all those involved is the way forward and if these events are being “organised” then the organisers must be prosecuted. As I have said on numerous occasions in this space, despite a relatively low number of cases we are not out of the woods just yet. The government must be on their guard otherwise we risk returning to lockdown.