Why not give guests the option of selecting where their ecotax goes? | R.I.


We have heard very little about how the ecotax revenue is being spent. We don’t even know how much is in the government’s coffers, despite calls for it to be scrapped this year, or until the tourist industry is more or less back on its feet.

However, as it remains firmly in place perhaps it could be relaunched and given a more positive raison d’être.

Instead of tourists simply being charged yet another tax, and nobody likes paying taxes, guests could be given an option of environmental causes or projects they would like their ecotax to be invested in.

A more proactive approach would make visitors feel more actively engaged in helping to protect and preserve Mallorca’s environment and the drive for a more sustainable tourism industry. But, should a new tourist-friendly approach be adopted, transparency will be needed on behalf of the authorities so that people can track and trace their taxes and see what benefits Mallorca is enjoying at their expense. Or, go ahead and scrap the tax and simply ask people to make a donation towards preserving the environment, some people might pay more.

Tourist taxes are increasingly common around the world, although it may not be long before a new carbon tax will be added to domestic airfares in Spain which will no doubt upset the locals. That said, the Balearics is expected to be excluded due to its dependence on air travel.