“The Balearic government should be more than happy...”

“The Balearic government should be more than happy...”


I suspect that the mood was rather jubilant at the headquarters of the Balearic government on Thursday night. Not only were the Balearics on Britain´s Green List for Safe Travel they were the only holiday destination in Spain to be on the list. Weeks of hard work alongside the British Foreign Office had paid a hefty dividend. Plenty of work has been going on behind the scenes with officials at the Balearic government in close contact with the British Embassy and the Consulate network in the Balearics.

Also, the Balearic Covid figures speak for themselves, they are far lower than the rest of Spain. When Spain as a whole was put on “amber” the Balearic President Francina Armengol complained that the islands had been “robbed” by the rest of the country. The British government´s announcement was worth its weight in gold for the Balearic government which has faced criticism that they had not done enough to protect the tourist industry from the ill-winds of Covid.

It must be remembered that much of the economic revenue in the islands comes from tourism, other parts of Spain are not so reliant on holidaymakers. So in other words the islands had to be on the Green List. In the end the Balearic government was successful and the islands can look forward to a large number of tourists coming to our shores. A note of caution, though. Portugal was on the green list and it was ejected after a week, let us hope that doesn´t happens to the Balearics.


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Brian Emery / Hace 5 months

Sorry Stan but it appears young partying Spaniards have already beaten us fully vaccinated Brits in bringing covid back in. I dont think you will have to worry too much about Brits this year as Spain as a whole needs to get its own house in order first. Boris will soon have you on the red list again as mainland Spain covid rates are out of control again and Majorca is only too welcoming to all the Spanish as it requires their money. You wont make as much as you do out of the Brits as a jug of sangria will last them all night. You will also have to get more Majorcans vaccinated as it appears to me their is a greater risk of us catching it from you than you from us.


Lawrie / Hace 5 months

I'll be very surprised if the Balearics last much longer than Portugal. Its all a big game and won't end until they have vaccinated every single person, including children, on the entire planet...... and still the "virus" is a complete mystery to every person I know.


Dave Smith / Hace 5 months

It’s a shame they are not more than unprepared.


James T / Hace 5 months

How many pieces of gold did the Balearic govt receive for screwing over their own citizens?


Stan. / Hace 5 months

I am equally delighted that the British can now Holiday in Mallorca. I hope they will ALL be tested and Vaccinated twice. If the Island got the Indian Delta Variant, Then it would have to go back into LOCKDOWN. As a small Island, it is now in a perfect position to protect ALL who live and visit .