Majorca is on the UK’s green watch list, things could change any minute! | OMER MESSINGER - om bjw ase - EF

After everything people in Mallorca, and elsewhere across the world, have been through, and are still faced with, it would be a disaster for the island if it was taken off the green travel list.

The island, along with the rest of the Balearics, is on the watch list and events involving the students over the past week, the rising number of cases and increase in the positivity rate have not gone unnoticed in the United Kingdom.

The Balearic government, which can not be held totally responsible for every short coming, has made it clear that we are far from out of the pandemic woods yet and with cases rising again, some sections of the tourist industry are getting a bit nervous about what the implications may be should the situation continue to get worse.

As a society, we all have a very important role to play in combating Covid and I was encouraged to see how many young people have booked their jab and some are getting appointments within hours of going on line.

The vaccines are being rolled out as quickly as possible, but until we hit the 60 percent benchmark of completed vaccinations, we can not afford to let our guard down. Over the past few days I have seen more and more people wearing their masks outside, the public are clearly concerned.

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It is very easy to point the finger at young people but we’ve all been there and got the T-shirt at some point, let us all pull together and make sure Mallorca has a summer season.