Madrid and London had a deal to block independence, that has now changed.

Madrid and London had a deal to block independence, that has now changed.


When Mariano Rajoy and David Cameron were the respective right wing leaders of Spain and the UK, they struck a deal that they would block any attempts by Catalonia and Scotland to gain independence and reenter the EU, that has gone out of the window.

Now the contrary has happened. Scottish independence has been given a boost after a Spanish minister insisted that Spain would not block Scotland’s entry into the EU.

It had previously been theorised that Spain would exercise their veto right if an independent Scotland attempted to join the EU, as the Spanish did not want to offer encouragement to pro-independence Catalonian and Basque activists.

However, it has come to light that the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Joseph Borrell, has recently declared that Spain will not block Scotland’s entry into the European Union if independence is legally achieved and this has always been the intention of the Spanish Government.

“The Spanish Government has not and never will intervene in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom or any other state and expects the same reciprocal attitude.” This will no doubt come as a welcome boost to Nicola Sturgeon and her fresh drive for independence while proving a headache for London who has just lost an important ally in keeping Scotland in the union.


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Sara O. / Hace 5 months

Josep Borell ceased as Spain’s Foreign Minister in 2019. We have had two more since then, the current Foreign Minister being José Manuel Albares. Borell is currently the High Representative of the EU. So who exactly “recently declared” the above?


Colin Allcars / Hace 5 months

It’s strange that any EU country would support another parasite nation joining them. While the current UK government might not want to be the one that allowed the ‘Union’ to dissolve, the majority of English taxpayers would overwhelmingly support cutting Scotland adrift in order to enjoy the enormous tax spending that they otherwise send over the border.

Give the English a referendum on independence. It’s what they want.


Majorca fan / Hace 5 months

How Spain backs independence for Scotland and denies Catalonia the same will be an difficult circle to square for Spain’s political aristocracy to achieve. Look forward to watch the shenanigans with a big tub of popcorn. As for the question on Scotland becoming a member of the European Union the hurdles amongst many, which is the £30billion deficit that is currently subsided by the English taxpayers. By the minister’s statements is Spain willing to pay all or part of this existing revenue or will it come from existing eu coffers.