Amanece el día de San Juan

GRAFCVA6484. ALBORAYA (VALENCIA), 24/06/2021.- Una gaviota descansa sobre una sombrilla en la playa de La Patacona de Alboraya, durante la salida del sol este jueves, festividad de San Juan en la Comunitat Valenciana. EFE/Manuel Bruque Amanece el día de San Juan

24-06-2021Manuel Bruque

HOW can the Balearic Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, say that we are having a better season that expected when some hotels haven´t even bothered to open their doors?

It is also reported that hotel occupancy levels will nosedive over the coming days as German and British families return home for the start of the new school term. Granted at one stage it did appear that we wouldn´t have a summer season at all but I think the majority of people involved in tourism expected much more from summer 2021. Parts of the islands are very busy but others such as Magalluf and even Pollensa are relatively quiet. Bars and restaurans are suffering.

According to official figures about 80 percent hotels have opened. What the Balearic government should be doing is planning for next season. If and when Covid passports are going to be introduced to go to bars, restaurants and concerts then tourists need to be informed so that they have the necessary paperwork. It is not much good coming on holiday to Majorca and finding that you can´t go to a bar or restaurant because you don´t have the right paperwork. Now is the time to hold talks with the travel industry.

Summer 2022 will be the year when things should start getting back to normal. Whether this is the new normal or the old normal we will have to see but what the tourist industry will need is clarity. The time has come for some action and a blueprint for recovery.


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Lawrie / Hace 5 months

Jason, you're having a laugh if you think things will be back to something approaching normal next year. Normal will not be restored until they have vaccinated everyone. The UK government has ordered millions of vaccines to be delivered in the second half of next year so that should give you a clue as to their plans going forward.


Mike (Belgium ) / Hace 5 months

There are still other tourists then the ones who come in July and August from the UK and Germany my friend Tourists who have all correct documents, who received two jabs, who read what you need before travelling . So 2021 is best ok if you do not behave ignorant and just follow the rules Everything is on internet and most of the people are addicted to their phones and media so where"s the problem