Green Pass vaccine passport | MASSIMO PERCOSSI


I don´t understand why the judiciary is so opposed to Covid passports in the Balearics, it seems like a sensible way forward to me. I was talking to a German who has recently returned from Berlin. He said that all bars and restaurants demand that you show your Covid passport which most people had downloaded onto their mobile. He said that the whole system worked really well with few problems.

So why can´t the Balearics do the same? It seems a sensible way to keep people safe and also to ensure that all have had the vaccine. This is the second time that the judiciary have thwarted the Balearic government. After the end of the state of alarm nationwide earlier this year the Balearics had wanted to keep the curfew (then from 11p.m. to 6a.m.) in place. There were fears that once the bars were allowed to reopen there would be important public health implications.

The judiciary ruled that the curfew would be illegal and the Balearic government had little option but to scrap their plans. To be honest it must be a nightmare for the Balearic government; on one hand they have to keep the public safe with restrictions which have proved unpopular and then you have the judiciary ready to throw a spanner into the works.

In the long-term I suspect that the Covid passport will be introduced because it is the only way that nightclubs will be allowed to reopen. In the same way that vaccination has fought off Covid, vaccine passports will lead to fewer restrictions.