Residents and business people in various parts of the city are complaining. | CLICK


The Plaza de España in Palma is one of the first ports of call for thousands of visitors who arrive and opt to use public transport to get to their holiday destination. The square is home to the capital’s public transport hub.

But residents and business people in the area have complained to the city council about the lack of care and attention being paid to the square.

Many have provided the council with photographs of overflowing rubbish bins, streets strewn with waste, much of it from the fast food joints in the area, and the overall unpleasant smell.

Plaza de España is not the only part of the city centre which has been complained about and residents and business people, especially small shop owners, are demanding that Palma City Council gets its finger out and starts keeping the city centre clean.

Apart from the daily unpleasantness of having to put up with mountains of rubbish, there are concerns about what visitors to the city must think.

Apart from the mounting problem of graffiti, now it’s rubbish and with temperatures still running high, the stench is unacceptable, according to resident and business associations.

Should Palma want to establish itself as one of Europe’s’ leading weekend break destinations, the council needs to starts with the basics and make sure that the streets are clean and inviting.